Nightmares“Nightmares” Copyright © 2008  by John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

From the newly published Book:  “Signs of Life, A Book of Visual Poetry” Copyright © 2009 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

To read a blown up version of this poem, please click link below for expanded preview and purchasing info:


4 Responses to “Nightmares”

  1. matangmanok Says:


    Great to see you here. I love your amazing poetry. But I have one problem at the moment here. My eyes are not as good as they used to be. I can see the forest, but I can see each tree. 🙂 Perhaps you can convert them into links that open up to a bigger page — or have you done that already and I just am too stupid to find them?

    Keep well.

    Jim / Sufjan Simone
    ps click on matangmanok and you’ll hopefully end up in my own blog

  2. Hello Sufjan (Or do you prefer Jim over here?)

    Thanks for stopping by. I would seem I can’t get my images any bigger without sending them off the edge 🙂 Your suggestion might work. I will work on that. perhaps I could send you a magnifying glass in the meanwhile. You could also cook bugs with it when you’re bored 🙂 I will stop by your sight and check it out as soon as I take care of some bugs here.


  3. matangmanok Says:

    I know what you mean about sending them off the edge — I had that with a photo I tried to insert, had to keep making it smaller and smaller.

    Your book that you mentioned at Helium, is that through a traditional publisher or through something like I am interested to know because I have been thinking about reprinting my two previous books as one in a bilingual edition — and these print on demand (POD) presses might be the better because then the possible buyer can have three options. Sorry, babbling in your page like this. Just that you got me thinking — as usual. Helium is a very different place now, isn’t it?

    Jim Pascual Agustin — there you go 🙂 I may have to retire Sufjan Simone soon, but I like all the stuff that got written under his interesting name

  4. Jim,

    I’m glad to hear you’re considering the publishing route, again? I didn’t know about your previous works. I’m leaning toward the POD route myself because of the amount of control I will maintain on the project. Also, I don’t know where I land in the traditional markets. I will pursue it (which is a major waiting game) nonetheless. I can always “retire” a POD work, if a traditional publisher wants a go at it (be sure you read the fine print, whoever you use on that one). It is my understanding that through the POD route, you will have to do all the promotion yourself. You may make it to the Amazon or Barnes and Nobles online bookstores, but don’t count on being on their shelves. Your works, in my opinion, have a better chance through traditional routes, and you already have some publishing credits behind you, but like I said, there’s the waiting game to consider. Here’s a really good link I found that’s got some good articles and comparisons between POD’s. Very informative I thought:

    Hope that helps some. Have you had any success through your previous publications?


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