“Ajar” Copyright © 2008 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

From the newly published Book:  “Signs of Life, A Book of Visual Poetry” Copyright © 2009 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

To read a blown up version of this poem, please click link below for expanded preview and purchasing info: 



3 Responses to “Ajar”

  1. matangmanok Says:


    This is really very good. Excellent creeper. I am glad you have the expanded view now. I can actually read this! 🙂

    So has your book been released? Nice cover. Where is that sculpture and by whom?


  2. Jim,

    Your timing is perfect. I just got my proof copy today and approved it for publication. Just check out the new links and that should answer all your questions.

    This project has been close to a year in the making and I feel incredibly lighter today. Now comes the really hard part: The promotional campaign 🙂


  3. matangmanok Says:


    I need to save up so I can buy a copy! And I have tons of questions for you and Scott 🙂

    ps posted new pieces at matangmanok 🙂

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