John Ecko at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Ohio on May 16th

On Saturday, May 16th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, I’ll be joining forces with “Asylum Designz” down at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Painesville, Ohio.

I’ll be selling autographed copies of my new book and my partner in crime for the afternoon will be selling her hand crafted jewelry.  if you like concrete poetry or just want to see some amazing jewelry by “Asylum Designz” please stop by.  

If I don’t see you there you can still purchase my book online at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or Lulu.   Just click any of the links off to the right.  We’re expecting a pretty big turn out and there will be many others selling various items as well, flea market style.   I hope to see you there.


Address for the Lake County Fairgrounds1301 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, OH  44077


Cover Image from John’s new book, “Signs of Life” Copyright © 2008 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

“Signs of Life” is a unique collection of visual/concrete poems that stretch the imagination, taking the reader on a journey beneath the surface of man. From love to hate, politics to religion, the beautiful to the macabre; this book explores the many footprints left by the human race for the better, and sometimes the worse.

“Asylum Designz” features jewelry for the young and young at heart.  She designs fun and whimsical pieces from an eclectic variety of materials. If you like Kitsch, Kawaii, Scene, or Retro you will love her stuff. Asylum Designz is all about fun and retaining your childhood.  Too many people take life way too seriously and it weighs them down and ages them faster. Don’t be one of them, remind yourself everyday of the whimsy in life. Wear something fun.

You can visit her online store at:

4 Responses to “John Ecko at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Ohio on May 16th”

  1. matangmanok Says:

    That’s fantastic news John! I hope you and your partner in crime .. er.. sorry, partner in this venture (that better?) is a huge success!

    I’ll be there on my way to the Dash Literary Journal launch party — as soon as I get the return tickets my fairy godmother (or was it the tooth fairy? or leprechaun? I always get confused) flutters down from our chimney. Wait, that chimney has been blocked for at least a decade. No wonder we haven’t had any Christmas presents.

    Ok, enough babble. Just a BIG GOOD LUCK WISH from my side of the world!


  2. Thanks Jim,

    I’m just rolling some dice here and trying not to forget that the poetry market is much smaller than the jewelry one…lol. But perhaps I can get away with being an anomoly and thus an expanded market? Perhaps they will buy the books before they realize it’s poetry…lol. We shall see.


  3. Secretlee Says:

    Hi there!

    I followed the link from jim’s site, matangamok. I’m fairly critical.. not a whole lot of praise.. usually. First, Jim.. once again, I am astounded! This time, however, its not from you! (thats astounding in itself!)

    What a welcome relief from the … geeesh jim… occasionally grim but always intense matangamok. (and yes, closet bad speller, i dont think i’ll ever get that one right)…

    And Ecko, very pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Secretlee, but shhhh… its a secret! I would like very much to say WOW!!! Well done!

    Do you mind my very humble opinion? (I’ll give it anyway!) My initial pre-conceived (wrong) idea was that it had to be a gimmick. No-one, said her puny brain, would be able to make good poetry fit into pictures. It has to either be cute and quirky pictures OR great poetry, but couldnt be both. I have absolutely no interest in Star Warts or whatever.. but… WOW!

    My eyes strained to read the tiny writing and had I not found you through Jim, thats where you would have lost me. I squinted and frowned as I leaned toward the keyboard. I was already a bit cross and … expecting… a reeeely bad poem.

    Totally delighted to find I was so completely wrong!! What a nice surprise! Thank you so very much! A lovely lighthearted read, with a great tempo. It flowed and fit rather nicely and cheered me right up. Not being a brekkie fan, I did need the explanation of the joke. So, thank you for that too.

    I have the balance in check now… some reality shock therapy with jim, then here for some chuckles. (Assuming there are more poems like Red Shirt Blues?) I havent had the chance to check out the rest of the site yet… I’ll get there eventually, I hope!

    Secretlee Magic

    PS ~ I avoid Hellium, like the plague.. first step to being a mental vegetable as far as I can tell. Please dont ever send me there ? lol thanks, and you too jim. See you soon ;-))

  4. Hello Secretlee, and welcome to Helium…just kidding 🙂

    I appreciate you stopping by and for your honest words. I’m glad you enjoyed the lighthearted tribute piece and though I do have other lighthearted poems, I must warn you that they are not all like that. I apologize for the difficult reading. I believe if you click on the picture itself, it should take you to a blown up version of the poem. (Atleast, in theory. I’m still trying to figure out the mechanics here…lol)

    Yes, you will find many folks that dabble in shape poetry putting out “cute and quirky” but I am trying to show (hopefully) through my work that concrete poetry can be much, much more.

    I’m a glad you found Jim’s site. It’s been an honor of mine to get to know him over the last year and he is an exceptional poet.

    I do hope you stop by again and check out the archives. I’ve posted quite a bit of my work here. If you liked Red Shirt Blues you might get a laugh from Fear of Clowns or Dangerous Obsession a page or two back.

    Again, thanks for visiting,


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