John Ecko, Featured Poet on One Night Stanzas

Last week I was featured on “One Night Stanzas” where you can read a brief bio, an online interview, as well as some of my poems.   I was honored to be their first visual poet ever featured and more so because this has become one of my favorite web sites.  Even if you could care less that I’m featured there,  I encourage you to check out this wonderful site regardless.   There are many informative articles on various aspects of writing as well as several other wonderful featured poets and poems.  Definitely worth a look:

Thank you Claire and Team at One Night Stanzas  🙂




2 Responses to “John Ecko, Featured Poet on One Night Stanzas”

  1. matangmanok Says:

    Congratulations John!

    I’ll check out that interview when I break these chains around my wrists, ankles and neck. 🙂


  2. […] Annie responded to my What’s In A Poet’s Bag? post // Andy gave me a mention // so did recent FP John Ecko // so did the lovely and talented Lewis Young! Thanks guys. […]

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