The Scar Examined at Midnight


The Scar Examined at Midnight“The Scar Examined at Midnight”  Copyright © 1998  Jim Pascual Agustin.  All rights reserved.   Visualized with author’s permission by John Ecko 2009. 

It’s a real honor for me to feature this exceptional poet and have the privilege to visualize one of his pieces.

I’ve known Jim for a couple of years now through his thought provoking poetry. His unique perspective and imagination shine brightly throughout his poems as he tackles various subjects ranging from today’s issues to the intimate; From the overlooked subtleties found on the surface of a small stone to the intricate paths of wisdom found within a leaf. Jim strives to master his craft by making every word count, challenging his readers to dig deep and consider what’s going on behind the scenes in this world. I strongly encourage you to read Jim’s powerful poetry and discover what lies beneath the surface.
Jim Pascual Agustin writes in Filipino and English. His two books of poetry are Beneath an Angry Star (Anvil Publishing, 1992) and Salimbayan: Pagaspas sa Bintana (Publikasyong Sipat, 1994). He is widely published in Philippine periodicals and anthologies. His more recent poems have appeared in GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) Magazine Issue3 and Issue 4 and Dash Literary Journal. He maintains a blog at which contain some drafts of his work.
Jim welcomes your input and I encourage you to stop by his blog “Matangmanok” and share your thoughts.
(Here is Jim’s original version)
The Scar Examined at Midnight
tell me about that.  that scar.
it is a burn.  something has grown
over it that mimics skin.
my memory goes blurry
when you smoke.
i know you need to, but please don’t.
or i won’t tell you the story.
it is not a burn.
more like a reminder.
like some people stick notes
above doorknobs
so as not to forget
something they must take
before leaving.
i threw my arms around this woman
who wanted to leap into the fire.
but it was too late.
we held each other too late.
tell me about that.
yes, tell me about that.
Copyright © 1998 Jim Pascual Agustin.  All rights reserved.

3 Responses to “The Scar Examined at Midnight”

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  2. Hey, thank you very much. Such beautiful poems. Go on, please. Your staff is very nice.

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