“Gunslinger” Copyright © 2008  by John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

From the Book:  “Signs of Life, A Book of Visual Poetry” Copyright © 2009 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

I’ve decided to repost some of my older works since many were missed when I first began this blog.  Hope you enjoy 🙂



4 Responses to “Gunslinger”

  1. Mr. John,

    Amazing work John… Mr. Scott put this link here from Helium, and I was quite pleased to see your work! Not only are the visuals incredible, so indeed are the poems!!!
    Exquisite talent you have John, inspiring to read, and a delight to see.
    Thank you for sharing this preview of the book… and the best to you in
    your future endeavors.

    Nancy Browne

    • Thanks for stopping by Nancy. I’m glad you enjoyed the visuals. This has been fun putting together, and just in time for the Halloween season. Stay well 🙂

  2. Hi Mr. John,

    Just wanted to say that I finished reading the Madhouse Theater. Wow, it was amazing…. scary stuff. Your visuals and poetry were great (spooky).
    You and Scott did a awesome job with the book! It took me a while to read it all… had to do it in the day light hours… lol
    What an imagination… whew! Keep up the great work… and oh, can you now draw me a fairy 🙂

    Nancy Browne

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