The View From Here To There

“The View From Here To There” Copyright © 2008  by John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

From the Book:  “Signs of Life, A Book of Visual Poetry” Copyright © 2009 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

I’ve decided to repost some of my older works since many were missed when I first began this blog.  Hope you enjoy. 



3 Responses to “The View From Here To There”

  1. Not only is this form so exception to convey the imagery of the poem…but I honestly think you should superimpose this piece over art and sell it as prints or greeting cards. The message is beautiful…and one that people can use who cannot find the words such as you do. Have you ever done anything like this with your work? If not, I would be happy to help give you some pointers or suggestions~ Namaste~

    • Leila, I’ve dabbled a little with this but not enough to explore the possibilities. I took a photo of the sky on a cloudy day and tried to overlay this image over it but I found that it distracted too much away from the poem. Perhaps I’m just not doing it right and any pointers you have would be much appreciated. I did another version of this in different font colors making the balloon with red and blue stripes and a brown basket. That turned out alright. But the cost, as you well know, of producing a book with color pages is very expensive and I shyed away from experiementing with colors and backgrounds at that point. Perhaps if I ever find a publisher willing to give my work a chance, those possibilities might be available in the future. I do like your ideas of superimposing and selling them as prints separately. I’ll have to do some experimenting.


  2. Yes…sometimes superimposing is a bit distracting. I have found that if I utilize an image or art as backdrop, I have to change the color of the font and make it bold to contrast yet compliment the art. Then, I usually have to add about 20% or more transparency to the backdrop…so it is more like a watermark image.

    Other times, if it is still too busy, I will create a canvas and paint it black (for example) and then paste the image I want, either to the side or above the poem, with the poem in white text. This looks really good too. A couple examples of my use of this would be in the links section of my poetry page on my web site. Click on “outwardlink” “oysters & chocolate” and “counter example poetics” for some examples….

    Let me know how it goes:)

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