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2 Responses to “Twisted”

  1. I really like this one John! Your designs always floor me!

    I came back through here recently and realized that several other comments I have left you on other posts are gone. Was not sure if this is a glitch in your site, or if you would rather I e-mail my comments to you?

    I would love to know from a technical stance, if you write your poems, and then shape them, or if you design a shape first, and then fill with words?

    So curious…I love seeing new posts by you in my inbox~

    • Hello Leila,

      Yes, there appears to be a glitch. Some of your posts as well as my replies are not showing up on the main page. If you click once on the image the comments show up on the second page. Strange. I’ve responded to your comments on “Nightmares”, “The View” and “Gunslinger”. Are you receiving emails notifying you of my replies? I left a lenghthy reply on “Gunslinger” talking about how I come up with these. If it is easier, you can just email me. Sorry about the gltiches.

      I will send an email with my replies in case you don’t receive this.


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