Halloween Special Edition: Melonheads


“Melonheads” Copyright © 2010 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.  From the new book, “Madhouse Theater” by Scott Scherr and John Ecko.

(Please, click on the image once or twice to see the appropriate size)


As a tribute to my favorite holiday, I’ve decided to release three special edition color versions of  some of my visual nightmares from the new book, Madhouse Theater.  As we get closer to the witching hour, I’ll release the other two.

The first of three, “Melonheads”, is an urban legend I’m rather fond of, growing up around the area of Kirtland Hills, Ohio where I’ve spent many nights in my foolish youth chasing after these elusive creatures.  To find out more about the Melonheads, just google it and you’ll find all kinds of blogs dedicated to this Kirtland legend.

Also, for you Melonhead enthusiasts, there’s a movie about to be released that’s been generating a lot of buzz for a while now:  “The Legend of the Melonheads”  filmed on location in Melonhead country.  I encourage you to check it out:


“Madhouse Theater”  is just about ready for the print press and should be available by the end of the month (fingers crossed).

It’s early, but I’m saying it anyway…I hope you enjoy the visuals and Happy Halloween 🙂



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