Monster Photographed in Grand River, Ohio? (Sightings Part 1)

This photograph was taken October 11, 2010 at Hidden Valley Park in Madison, Ohio by my fellow Madhouse collaborator, Scott Scherr, when he was out hiking with his two boys.  It appears to be the head of some strange creature hovering just above the water,  possibly napping…lol.  The creature seems to resemble a  crocodile with grayish skin.  You decide…is it a rock? Some trick of light and shadow perhaps?  Either way, Scott’s not telling what he thinks he saw but he does say that this was not a staged photograph.

After showing me the photo, it looked like a great opportunity to introduce a segment from our new book, “Madhouse Theater” that I’ve decided to do in three parts called, “Sightings”. 

It was wonderful to share a “sighting” of our own here on Eckovision, just in time for Halloween, and photos such as this one beg the question: “Do we see what we want to see or are there strange, unexplained occurences happening all around us, proving that the lines between myth and reality are much closer to being blurred by our own personal encounters?” Are we really witnessing strange beasts in the water, or 10 foot hairy creatures roaming the woods, or are those strange lights we spot at night something…otherwordly?  Some things to consider next time you happen to be out and about and catch a glimpse of something strange in the corner of your eye. 

Here’s a poem from the Madhouse that touches upon such encounters:


Strange Lights

We watched them move across the night;
strange lights in a moonless sky.

At first glance one might dismiss
this sleight of hand on eye.

One by one they killed all doubts,
and reason lost its voice.

Dare we let such wonder in?
A skeptic’s loss of choice?

How long did we fail to notice;
have they been there all this time?

In those few moments we laid down
the trivial for the sublime.

Like children when the world was new,
dumfounded and sincere,

We shared a common unity-
at least…until the fear.

We watched them move across the night;
strange lights in a moonless sky

pretending to be stars.


“Strange Lights” Copyright © 2010 Scott Scherr. All rights reserved. From the new book, “Madhouse Theater”.


For more strange speculations,  please check out our new book, “Madhouse Theater”.


From the collaborative madness of story teller and poet, Scott Scherr, and visual poet, John Ecko, comes this twisted collection of short stories, poetry, and visual nightmares from the darkest corners of their unbalanced minds. The stage is set, our props have been sharpened and our cast of characters are ready to perform their torture on you, fair reader. Within these pages wait a vast assortment of sickos, maniacs, boogeyman, monsters, myths, ghosts and much, much more. Please, take your seats and welcome to the theater. We hope you enjoy the show…although you’ve been here all along.
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