Conspiracy Headache


“Conspiracy Headache” Copyright © 2009 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

Larger version:

This one’s really popular around the web for some reason.  I’ve found this guy popping up in all kinds of places.  Some sites never even credited me while others disected the piece for interpretation that was nowhere in the ball park.  Oh well.  Thought this would be a fitting visual to bring back to celebrate Eckovision hitting the 100,000 hit mark. 

My thanks to everyone who’s visited, purchased my books, and commented on these strange pieces.  I hope to have some new ones soon.  Time will tell 🙂



6 Responses to “Conspiracy Headache”

  1. Shekufe Heiberg Says:

    Dear John Ecko
    I am a literary scholar in Denmark, and I have analyzed your work “Conspiracy Headache” in a paper which is now about to be published in an anthology by our university press. I would like to ask for your permission for including the poem in my paper. Off course I will accredit you as the owner.
    If you are interested, I will be happy to send you my paper for further view, but I must tell that it is written in Danish. Please contact me about the matter, I hope you will be willing to give your permission.

    best wishes Shekufe

    • Shekufe,

      Thanks for stopping by. You have my permission to use “Conspiracy Headache” for analysis in your paper. I would love to see the finished result. Perhaps you could leave me a link to your university press when it’s out?


      • Shekufe Heiberg Says:

        I will do that, definitely!

        thank you very much for the permission

        best wishes Shekufe

  2. Love it! You covered a good number of the conspiracy theories in the text and the secret government “Man in Black” is a great visual!

  3. Thank you for your help! Appreciated…

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