The Broke Ones

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while.  I’ve been pursuing other writing endeavors.  Just thought I’d stop in and share this news:  Three of my poems:  “Boogeyman”, “Not Quite Dead”, and “The Blood” have been included in a new poetry anthology titled “The Broke Ones” created and produced by author Marquis Dollar.  Here’s a write up about the book from amazon:

“This book brings a unique and beautifully personal look into the way the human heart handles suffering, and how it can create amazing pieces of art which are heart felt and universally understood. The words that are spoken from the depths of every emotion and the hidden feelings through each painted line can capture people’s imagination and force them not only to look inside themselves, but to try harder to find the courage and strength to carry on, and more importantly to know that they are not alone. Each and every piece of art and poetry tells a story in flashbacks of broken images and thoughtful endurance and deserve to be heard, if willing to be told. The Broke Ones shows some of the most gifted and talented underground artists at their best in this heartbreakingly stunning collection of poetry, art and photography. Many voices and individual styles come together and beat as one.”


I will be back around at some point with some new works.  Thanks for your patience.


2 Responses to “The Broke Ones”

  1. Great news! Congratulations. Threw a plug your way on Facebook, too.

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