Inn Situ: Let it Ride (Reflections of Eddie Crenshaw)

Let it Ride

“Let it Ride” Copyright © 2013 John Ecko. All rights reserved.

Here is my second piece from the Inn Situ Chronicles visual series centered around a character named Eddie Crenshaw from Michael’s story, “You, Me and James Dean”. This piece takes another look at Eddie and is directly influenced by Michael’s story. Michael does a great job of describing Eddie here:

“Allow me to paint a visual picture of Eddie for you. Eddie stands about 5’5″ and is perpetually dressed in a menacing scowl framed by a black leather coat replete with zippers, straps and buckles in excess. He likes his music loud, fast and chock full of screaming guitars competing with screaming vocals. His conversation is what my grandfather might have called “colorful” and my mother… well, let’s just say that my mother never approved would have never approved of Eddie.

Eddie’s story, You, Me & James Dean, appears relatively early on in Volume I, in a section designated as L’Chayim: To Life! A character in Eddie’s story, whom I named only as Brenda, makes her own starring appearance in Scott’s two part story The Road Has Spoken featuring Brenda Alvarez, a young girl from Ohio in search of a new life. As is often the case, Brenda gets sidetracked on the road to discovering her new self. She and Eddie lived together briefly until Eddie passed on in a freak accident, forcing Brenda to move on.”

For more information about the Inn Situ project and to preview some of the stories please visit the Inn Situ main site at:

Your encouragement and support for these tales by way of comments over there is greatly appreciated and will help us gain ground when seeking publication.


4 Responses to “Inn Situ: Let it Ride (Reflections of Eddie Crenshaw)”

  1. Wonderful visual! Amazing talent… I admire your expressions and details. Great job.

    • Thanks Nancy. This project has been really cool to be a part of from both the visual aspect and the actual stories. Have you had a chance to visit the Inn Situ site? Volume One is done and some of the stories are posted there. We are already neck deep in Volume Two stories and it’s getting really exciting 🙂

  2. John, I commented over at Inn Situ, but in case you miss it over there, all I can say is, you captured Eddie perfectly. What a rush to see someone take a piece of my work and enhance it like this. Thank you.

    — Michael

    • Michael, these visuals have been a blast attempting. I just hope it helps in having more folks discover Inn Situ. Eddie’s piece was unexpected and just came together one evening. I’m glad the visual piece eckoed (yeah, my word…lol) your Eddie from the story 🙂

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