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Part Three: Almost Dead… Starts Monday!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 6, 2014 by ecko

Just an update on my zombie project elsewhere 🙂


Don't Feed The Dark

Part Three-Almost Dead


…And so ends the second story arc from Don’t Feed The Dark. Seventeen weeks, fifteen chapters, Fifty-six episodes and over 154,000 words later, we’ve finally arrived at Part Three: Almost Dead.

Starting Monday, June 9th, I’m celebrating the release of Part Three with another five episode week that will start with Chapter 16-Prisoners, a little horrific chapter that will answer some questions that have been lurking in the shadows of this long tale.

Here’s the complete line up for Part Three:

Chapter 16-Prisoners

Chapter 17-Dark Territory

Chapter 18-Micom and Micolad

Chapter 19-Get the Guns

Chapter 20-Welcome Home

Chapter 21-Goodbye Charlie

Chapter 22-Almost Dead

In these next seven chapters, I’ll be picking up the pace a bit, as well as the intensity level, as our survivors begin to discover that there are more horrors in their strange new world than they ever could’ve imagined.

The first three chapters will…

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