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Lost (Redemption Found)

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“Lost (Redemption Found)” Copyright © 2010 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.


This is my tribute piece to what will probably be the best television series in my lifetime. I think a show like this only comes along about once every hundred years or so…lol. I chose to call this “Redemption” in light of the journey each of these characters have taken in the last six years. It is the one aspect of the show I’ve enjoyed the most since the beginning. I’m glad they ended the show in the way that they did and I will be thinking about this finale for a good, long while.

 After watching the LOST series finale, I was blown away at how well that final episode was done. I was even moved to tears at a couple of reunion moments. For that entire 2 1/2 hours, I hardly left my chair. I loved how they brought just about everyone back for the end. I’m so glad they finished the story with the characters, rather than trying to answer all our questions. I enjoy that they left some mysteries for the viewer to ponder. It’s fitting for such an elaborate, insightful and well thought out story to leave us with a bit of the mystery intact. I, like many of you, have my own list of questions. But for the most part, the big stuff was answered. Though some might be dissapointed by what was revealed at the very end as Jack speaks with his father and than closes his eye, appearing to return to the place he was at the very beginning of the show (beautiful finish, very poetic), I would simply ask anyone, “How do you think it could’ve ended better? Seriously? Escaping the island? They’d done that already, back in season 3. I could think of no better way they could’ve ended the show but in the way they did. It was the plan from the very beginning, afterall. There are so few shows that have a beginning, middle and ending laid out like LOST has and I’m glad the writers stuck to their guns and didn’t give in to network sabatoge of a good story just to squeeze out a few more seasons. As far as I’m concerned, the finale made up for the dissapointment I began to feel at the start of season 6 and all those “sideways” stories. It all makes sense after watching the finale.

To the producers, writers, actors, and everyone else involved behind the scenes to make this show the incredible show that it is, you should all be very proud of what you’ve accomplished. As I say goodbye to LOST (with a heavy heart) I want to say that I enjoyed the ride and that LOST leaves some big shoes to fill. I think any show that tries to emulate LOST will simply fail and it’s best to just leave it be, with the understanding that LOST is one of a kind. However, LOST sends a clear message at what an outstanding television drama should look like and I hope networks aim for that type of quality in the future. I’m just blessed that I got to be around for the journey 🙂

Farewell, LOST.

Now I have nothing on TV to watch again 😦

Ok, I still have “Man Vs Wild”….gotta love that crazy Bear 🙂

Thanks for listening,


The Legend of Flight 815

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108 minutes…107 minutes…106 minutes…PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON!!!  🙂

“The Legend of Flight 815” Copyright © 2010 John Ecko.  All rights reserved.

In tribute to the best television show ever created, this visual is in honor of Lost’s six and final season (very sad).   

Welcome back LOST!  I now have something worthwhile on television to watch again!