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Double Poetry Release by Scott Scherr (a.k.a. John Ecko)

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When I’m not working on visual poems, I dabble in more traditional to free verse forms of poetry under the pseudonym, Scott Scherr.  If interested in previewing my more non-visual poems, I encourage you to visit my store page and check out previews from both books by clicking on the link below.  Thanks for listening.

“Almost Human” Copyright © 2011 Scott Scherr.  All rights reserved.

Almost Human is a collection of poetry that takes a deep look into the corrupted soul of mankind, and his journey into pursuing something more than self. What is his relationship and effects on our tired planet, on each other, and just how far have we come to spread the plague of indifference? Love born out of a broken and humble place is the only solution to collectively climbing back out of the darkness on our way back to humanity.

“Kingdoms of the Young” Copyright © 2011 Scott Scherr.  All rights reserved.

Kingdoms of the Young is a collection of poetry that explores the triumphs of the youthful spirit and the value of maintaining its perspective in a world moving far too fast. May you be encouraged and uplifted by these hope inspired poems as Scott writes about dreams, love, youth, hope, God and living life, as well as his thoughts on the value of poetry itself. Dream big, stay young.

Kingdoms of the Young is now available at Amazon: