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2015 October Frights Blog Hop

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Hello all,

As I’ve been away and busy working on my zombie book series, Don’t Feed The Dark, I was recently involved in an event that ran for the first ten days of October. I had a chance to feature many of my darker visuals just in time for Halloween. Here’s a video I made for the event:

Thanks for stopping by. Here is the link for the entire ten day event including links to the other authors who were involved in the event: 2015 October Frights Blog Hop



Chapter 23-1: Recruits

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Part Four-Sign of the Times begins today. Don’t Feed The Dark, a zombie serial novel is now just five chapters away from completion 🙂

Don't Feed The Dark


Part Four-Sign of the Times


A partly-cloudy afternoon sky hovered over the day allowing the early October sun to keep the cooler weather away for a while longer. Megan’s thoughts drifted, like the puffy clouds above, as she imagined herself jumping off the highest one and landing into another that crossed beneath. She found herself wondering what cloud-sleep would be like and decided that it would be awesome. She yawned and thought, Gawd, I really need a nice long nap… half a century ought to cover it.

“Megan… Megan!” Lucas snapped his fingers in front of her face.

She came back to reality and frowned at her boyfriend. “What?” she snapped.

“Stop daydreaming and help me with the sign.”

“‘Stop daydreaming and help me with the sign’,” she mocked. “I’m sick of your stupid signs. That’s all we’ve been doing for the last six hours.” She folded her arms and sat down on the…

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Part Three: Almost Dead… Starts Monday!

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Just an update on my zombie project elsewhere 🙂


Don't Feed The Dark

Part Three-Almost Dead


…And so ends the second story arc from Don’t Feed The Dark. Seventeen weeks, fifteen chapters, Fifty-six episodes and over 154,000 words later, we’ve finally arrived at Part Three: Almost Dead.

Starting Monday, June 9th, I’m celebrating the release of Part Three with another five episode week that will start with Chapter 16-Prisoners, a little horrific chapter that will answer some questions that have been lurking in the shadows of this long tale.

Here’s the complete line up for Part Three:

Chapter 16-Prisoners

Chapter 17-Dark Territory

Chapter 18-Micom and Micolad

Chapter 19-Get the Guns

Chapter 20-Welcome Home

Chapter 21-Goodbye Charlie

Chapter 22-Almost Dead

In these next seven chapters, I’ll be picking up the pace a bit, as well as the intensity level, as our survivors begin to discover that there are more horrors in their strange new world than they ever could’ve imagined.

The first three chapters will…

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Part Two: Southbound Nightmares… starts today!

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Part II of Don’t Feed The Dark starts today! Don’t miss it 🙂

Don’t Feed The Dark is an online zombie serial novel started February 10th with new episodes posted three times a week. Scott just finished part one and it’s available to read any time.


Don't Feed The Dark

Part Two-Southbound Nightmares

…And so ends the first story arc from Don’t Feed The Dark. Six weeks, seven chapters, twenty episodes and nearly 46,000 words later, we’ve finally arrived at Part Two: Southbound Nightmares.

Starting this evening, Part Two will take a broader look at the mysterious outbreak that has not only struck Northeast Ohio, but the nation, as survivors begin to pick up the pieces and gather in one of the few places of refuge remaining.

Southbound Nightmares will revisit characters you’ve met and introduce several more as the struggle for survival and understanding continues.

As our survivors begin to gather what information they can and start to believe that the worst is over, they will discover that the storm, or what’s been called, The Madness, and The Change has only just begun to reveal its terrifying face…

To kick off Part Two, I’ve decided to post new episodes Monday through…

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Inn Situ: Demon on Watch (Reflections of Kenny Marano)

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Demon on Watch

“Demon on Watch” Copyright © 2013 John Ecko. All rights reserved.

Here is my first work from the Inn Situ Chronicles visual series. This piece takes a secondary look into the character of Kenny Marano, a Sedona police officer who is involved in an unfortunate incident involving the death of a kid while on patrol one night that changes his life forever. As a result of the death, Kenny becomes a regular nightly fixture in a shadowy corner of the Inn Situ. Kenny first appears in the story “Long Slow Train” written by Michael Raymond and is one of many stories slated for Inn Situ Volume One, nearing the end of the editing phase. This visual is directly inspired by Michael’s story.

For more information about the Inn Situ project and to preview some of the stories please visit the Inn Situ main site at:

Your encouragement and support for these tales by way of comments over there is greatly appreciated and will help us gain ground when seeking publication.


Inn Situ Volume One

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Cathedral Rock by Tomas Castelazo

This is Cathedral Rock located in Sedona, Arizona.  Photograph by Tomas Castelazo

My apologies for my absence and lack of new visuals.  I’ve been neck deep in a couple other projects.  One being, the Inn Situ Chronicles, a collaborative collection of stories centered around a bar called the Inn Situ and the surrounding areas of Sedona, Arizona.  This is a wonderful collection of stories first envisioned by author, Michael Raymond, who set the stage masterfully as the world of Inn Situ came to life.  I later joined this project and together we’ve been exploring the mysteries of Sedona and coming to know the numerous characters that have frequented the Inn Situ bar as a sort of crossroads.  We are currently in the final editing stages of Inn Situ Volume One and Volume Two is well underway.  I encourage you visit Michael’s webpage for a more in depth look at Inn Situ and the tales which reside there.

I have already been given the green light to come up with a series of visuals for Inn Situ and I will be sharing them as they become available.

In the meantime, please come explore Inn Situ and find out what it’s all about.  There are sample stories already posted. 

 I encourage you to leave your comments over there and add your support to this project.



Inn Situ Link listed below:

The Broke Ones

Posted in Uncategorized on July 28, 2012 by ecko

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while.  I’ve been pursuing other writing endeavors.  Just thought I’d stop in and share this news:  Three of my poems:  “Boogeyman”, “Not Quite Dead”, and “The Blood” have been included in a new poetry anthology titled “The Broke Ones” created and produced by author Marquis Dollar.  Here’s a write up about the book from amazon:

“This book brings a unique and beautifully personal look into the way the human heart handles suffering, and how it can create amazing pieces of art which are heart felt and universally understood. The words that are spoken from the depths of every emotion and the hidden feelings through each painted line can capture people’s imagination and force them not only to look inside themselves, but to try harder to find the courage and strength to carry on, and more importantly to know that they are not alone. Each and every piece of art and poetry tells a story in flashbacks of broken images and thoughtful endurance and deserve to be heard, if willing to be told. The Broke Ones shows some of the most gifted and talented underground artists at their best in this heartbreakingly stunning collection of poetry, art and photography. Many voices and individual styles come together and beat as one.”


I will be back around at some point with some new works.  Thanks for your patience.